What is StarFest?

StarFest is the weekend (October long weekend each year) extravaganza of events hosted by Siding Spring Observatory during Festival of the Stars. For more information on the full month of events go to the Festival of the Stars website.

StarFest includes the popular Bok Lecture, the exciting Science in the Pub and the full array of Open Day activities that occur on top of Siding Spring Observatory. More information will become available as the year progresses. Come back for updates or like us on Facebook.

If you want to know more about StarFest events as details are announced then please like us on Facebook!

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StarFest 2015 Dates and all Events

This year StarFest will held over the October long weekend. Tickets on sale now.

Friday 2nd October (Science in the Pub)

Saturday 3rd October (Open Day at Siding Spring Observatory)

Saturday Night 3rd October (Milroy Star-B-Que)

Sunday 4th October (Bok Lecture)

Open Day – Virtual Visit

We loaded the talks presented on Open Day, October 4th 2014.

AAT Lecture Program 2014

When the talks are available you will be able to follow links on each of the talks below.

Prof Fred Watson – Good Morning Starshine

Dr Daniel Bayliss – Planet Hunting at Siding Spring

Dr Remo Collett – Beauty, symmetry and complexity in the universe

Dr Andy Green – Bigger than big: how do we know how big?

Prof David Malin – Photography at the AAT

Dr Pamela Gay – Exploring the cosmos from your computer

Dr Andrew Pickles – Why we keep you in the dark

Elise Hampton – When galaxies collide; The who-dunnit of our galaxy’s fate

Prof Warrick Couch – Rich clusters of galaxies: Cosmic ‘Mix-Masters’ at work

Prof Matthew Colless – What we know (and don’t know) about the Universe

Prof Brian Schmidt – The big questions: How researchers are unlocking the mysteries of the universe