Science in the Pub 2019. Brought to you by 2357 Partnership Group

Friday 4th October at the Coonabarabran Golf Club
Dinner and Show tickets on sale NOW. Doors will open at 500pm and food and drinks will start at 530pm.

Join Our MC Matthew Dodds and a line up of stellar guest panelists for a fun filled evening discussing the mysteries of the Universe including the much anticipated Astro Song live on stage!

A complimentry event bus will do local pickups from Motels in the town of Coonabarabran starting at 5pm. You will need to purchase a (free) ticket for that. Details for the bus service are found in the Terms and Conditions in Sticky Tickets.

Our panelists this year include;
  Fred Watson
  Tamara Davis
  Kirsten Banks
  Andy Howell

Book Now!
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LIMITED Tickets on Sale NOW, tickets start from $21.50 for General Admission to $37.50 for Admission and meal. The meal can be either a Golf Club BBQ Dinner (BBQ meat, selection of salads and potato bake) or Chinese from the Lotus Chinese Resturant.


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Open Day. Siding Spring Observatory.

Saturday 5th October 9:30am to 4pm

Come and explore Siding Spring Observatory.
There’s a whole day of activities!

  • Tour the telescopes with ANU Staff (Get the Map!)
  • Hear talks by world famous astronomers in the Lodge Conference Room Download the Talks Program
  • Kids talks in the Exploratory
  • 3D Films in the Exploratory
  • Enjoy activities for the whole family
  • Science displays in the AAT main floor
  • Local Market Stalls
  • Solar viewing by Tamworth Astronomy Club and Donna the Astronomer!
  • WIN a computerized GOTO telescope at the Celestron/TSA Outdoors Tent and Information Tent
  • Starr’s Planetarium (WIN A SCHOOL VISIT T&Cs apply)
  • Eat at the DOME Cafe
  • or grab a sausage sizzle on the way round
  • And much much more

No booking required, just come on up! We have no eftpos facilities at the Observatory so bring cash with you.


The Bok Lecture. 2019

Saturday 5th October at Open Day
Siding Spring Lodge Conference Room at 14:30pm

The BOK Lecture this year will be held in conjuntion with Open Day Our Guest Speaker this year is Professor Tamara Davis

Adventures on the Dark Side of the Universe

One reason we look up is because the universe can reveal surprises about physics that in our everyday life we couldn’t possibly find — and our modern telescopes like those at Siding Spring are giving us an unprecedented view. We can now see the universe as it was before galaxies even existed. We have found thousands of planets orbiting other stars. We regularly detect supernovae that went off billions of years before the earth even formed. We’ve even detected gravitational waves — ripples in space itself. And most enigmatically, we've discovered some kind of "dark energy" that is making the expansion of the universe speed up, contrary to our expectation that gravity should slow it down. In this talk you’ll hear about many of the latest exciting developments in modern astrophysics, including Tamara’s work with the Dark Energy Survey.

Entry will be FREE

14:30 (AEST).


Tamara Davis